Versatility for golfers of all skill levels comes in a slick package with the PING G400 Crossover. The maraging steel face is the key to producing faster ball speeds and delivering far, high launch, while toe tungsten helps dial in MOI for stability and forgiveness. A thinner, hybrid-like sole improves turf interaction, and the forward CG position unlocks better control and predictability.

Maraging steel face

  • What does it do? It helps shots launch farther, higher, and straighter, producing 30% more stopping power.
  • How does it work? The steel is one of the strongest and most flexible alloys, making it ideal for delivering faster ball speeds.


  • Tungsten (20 g) externally joined at the toe provides higher MOI, greater forgiveness, and 17% tighter dispersion
  • Thinner, hybrid-like sole greatly improves turf interaction
  • Forward CG creates 45% less shot bend and 40% more spin, resulting in more control
  • Hydropearl Chrome finish repels moisture and decreases friction between club and turf
  • Alta CB graphite shaft’s counter-balance design allows for more mass in the head to increase the transfer of energy
  • Color-shift shaft paint transitions from premium copper to black to help reduce distractions at address
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip